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The Vine Event Center Wedding | Charlie + Marsha

A Frisco, Texas wedding at The Vine Event Center with Polish wedding traditions! Slate blue, peach and light grey color scheme came together nicely with roses and hydrangeas! I had my doubts that they wouldn’t last in the heat but those hydrangeas were such troopers. I met Marsha at Starbucks in September 2018 and she told me how she and Charlie met on and that Charlie has a beautiful daughter named Ally who is a prime softball player. For their wedding, she mentioned the importance of integrating some of the traditions of her Polish culture. The bread and salt blessing: this is where the parents of the bride and groom greet the newly married couple with bread, salt, wine (or in their case TEQUILA) and a silver coin at the front of the wedding table. The bread and salt are given so that their home might always enjoy abundance”. In Polish culture, bread is considered a gift from God and must always be treated with deep respect and Salt, which comes from the earth, is a basic necessity of life. The parents perform this symbolic custom to signify a “Gift from God” and the “Basic necessity of Life” to show the unity that has been created of two people into one couple.

* The bride and groom each taste a piece of bread to signify: “May you never go hungry”

* They each sip a little wine to signify: “Enjoy the sweetness in life”

* They each place a spec of salt on their tongue to signify: “May you overcome the bitterness in life”

* Silver Coin: “ may you be wealthy with good health and never be in a financial stress”

* The parents then kiss the couple as a sign of welcome, unity and love.


This ceremony, called “oczepiny”, or an unveiling of the bride, traditionally represented the transitional moment for the bride as she moved from her single youth towards her married future. The veil was exchanged for a special wedding cap, customarily a gift from the bride’s godmother.

Source: here

Believe it or not, we had executed not one, not two… BUT THREE first looks this day but the one that tugged on my heart strings the most was with Marsha and Ed. He is truly the definition of a doting father and my heart fell to pieces while I was capturing it! I love the way Marsha throws her head back when she laughs, its a prime quality that gives her a uniqueness like no other. While it was the joining of two families, I could certainly tell that Ally was one of the most important parts of the day. Marsha made it a point to dedicated some time during the ceremony to commit to Ally that she would treat her as her own and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. I have to say that the whole day was filled with special touches that Marsha personally added and it truly made the day that much more personal.

Congratulations Marsha & Charlie! I wish you an abundance of happiness throughout your marriage and THANK YOU for choosing Stephanie Michelle Photography, LLC for your BIG day!

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knotting hill place

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Venue: Knotting Hill Place // Coordinator: Glitter and Glue Weddings and Events // Makeup & Hair: Styles by Vero // Cake: A Doughable Creations DFW // Rentals: AM Linen Rental // Flowers: T and T Flowers and Gifts // Catering: Tatering Nation // DJ: All Access DJ (DJ Chris Brown)

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Venue: Stoney Ridge Villa // Coordinator: Glitter and GLue Weddings and Events // Cake: Yellow Roses Patisserie // Cookies: Bees Sweets and Treats // Cheesecake: Dandelion Cheesecakes // Cupcakes: Gigis Cupcakes DFW // Rentals: Royal Event Rentals DFW // Flowers: T and T Flowers and Gifts // Coffee: Night Owl Coffee Cart

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